Two reasons for installing a solar system in Ontario

  • 01. microFIT Program
    These programs target residential systems (10kW systems and under)
  • 02. FIT Program
    These programs target commercial and larger scale systems (larger than 10kW systems)

And there is one other - you'll help save the planet!

Welcome to our website!

TRG Energy designs and installs solar systems to maximize your returns through Ontario's microFIT and FIT programs

With the details announced regarding the Green Energy Act on Spetember 24, 2009, the Ontario Government has granted its residents a fantastic new opportunity in the field of solar power. Let TRG Energy assist you in turning your roof or lawn into a profit center designed to help save the planet!

Our promise to you

  • Site Eval and System Design
    we ensure you maximize the return on your investment by choosing the right products.
  • Permitting and Documentation
    we help you cross every t and dot every i
  • Installation and Approval
    we install with care and precision.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
    we can remotely monitor your system to further maximize the return on your investment.

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